When most people think of burns they think of fire. While extremely dangerous, fire is a stark and obvious source of danger. There are other more subtle ways that someone can be burned that not all people may be aware of:

Hot water heaters

If your water is scalding it can cause severe burns. If you can access water pipes, they too, can be hot enough to cause burns or sever damage to your skin. Many times landlords are responsible for the hot water heater temperature at their buildings. If you own your home be sure to set yours under 120 degrees F.


Most of us take care to lather sunscreen on for a day in the sun. But if your sunscreen has failed for one reason or another you know the pain of that scorched and blistered skin.

Take these few precautions to stay safe in the sun:

·      If you’re sweating, reapply often;

·      Get a quality sunscreen and check the expiration date;

·      Apply enough sunscreen; and,

·      Don’t forget to use a chap stick with SPF to protect your lips.

 Electrical burns

On the baby registry of many new parents are outlet covers.  According to the National Fire Protection Association about 5,500 ER visits were because of electrical outlets in 2015.

Changes are being made to prevent electrical burns by outlets. In 2017 Tamper Resistant Receptacles (aka outlet covers) were required in new and renovated childcare facilities, schools, hotels and gyms among other places.

Kids Light up Shoes

You’ve likely seen them and your kid has probably begged for them – light up shoes. During the 1990s L.A. Gear held the top spot for light-up shoes. But, as this The Daily Dot article explains, their sales took a dive once consumers learned what made the shoes light up.

More recently a parents’ Facebook post went viral when she shared a picture of here son’s burned feet and said his light up shoes were to blame. In 2016 another family said a burn in their car – and luggage – was the fault of a child’s light up shoe.

Be aware of your surroundings and how a fashion statement or something we use daily can be hazardous to your health. Breen Goril Law can lend an ear and legal assistance if you’ve found yourself the victim of a burn you can’t see or smell.